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2 Timers, 1 Scorer needed


We are in need of two timers and one scorer for this evening. PLEASE help out if you are attending this evenings meet! Sign up on Swimtopia. Thank you.


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Your Kids See You! This Wednesday?

Good evening, 

We are in need of MANY volunteers for Wednesday's meet (August 2nd) Highland Lakes!  Show your kids the value of donating your time to a worthy cause (THEM!!). 

Go to Swimtopia and sign up today! THANK YOU!

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Good morning everyone,

This year I was looking for swimmers to step up and SHOW me and the coaches they deserve to be captain of the Wayne Waves Swim Team. This past month I saw several swimmers step up and assist with marshaling, assistant coaching, helping the younger swimmers and…

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thank you for volunteering Denise we can use you at the snack stand near the shed - two HS volunteers will be joining you and they are arriving at 8.  Anytime you can be with them is great.  Thank you again 

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Ice, ice baby!


We are in need of ICE tonight. Please sign up using the link below and take your ice directly to concessions this evening.

We do have other donation needs too, especially for invitational drinks.



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Meet Sign Ups For Smoke Rise 7/6

Good evening everyone, it was a great win over Green Pond. I wanted to let everyone know I extended signups for the meet till 9am. Please sign up if you can make it to the meet. So far we only have 50 swimmers. Have a good night everyone and I…

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Please Watch The Video

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Wayne Township Website


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About Wayne Waves

Wayne Waves Swim Team 2023

Who are the Wayne Waves?

The Wayne Waves Swim Team is the official swim team for the Township of Wayne, competing in two leagues - the Ramapo Hills Swim Conference and the Lakeland Swim Conference.  Wayne Waves is open to any Wayne swimmers between the…

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