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    Volunteer Information

    Wayne Waves CANNOT operate with out parent volunteers!

    Every season, we need the following jobs filled for meets and events:

    MEET SET UP: Three (3) are need at each home meet to set up Colorado Timing system

    This involves stringing the plungers, plugging in the timing console and setting up the starter and scoreboard.  For this job, you must arrive 45 minutes prior to meet start

    TIMERS: 8 or more lane timers and 2 back ups required for each home meet, 8 required for each away meet. (number of timers vary by league)

    We need to provide timers for both home and away meets. A timer's job is to run a stop watch and record the time on a sheet provided.  A clipboard and pencil are provided. In most case, 2 timers are assigned to one lane, one from the home team, and one from the away team. Some meets require 3 timers per lane. A plunger is also used to record the time at some meets where teams use the Colorado Timing system.   Usually one timer plunges and runs a stop watch, and the other writes both times down, and runs a stop watch, and uses the plunger.

    RUNNER: 1 and 1 back up required for each home meet

    SCORERS: Three (3) required for each home & away meet

    Scorers sit at the Scoring Table and record the score of the meet:  Runners provide the scoring sheets and the Meet Ref provides the order of finish.  The Colorado results are also printed and kept with the scorers. 

    COLORADO OPERATOR: Two (2) required for each home meet

    The Colorado timing system records times received when the timer hits the plunger, When a swimmer hits the wall, the Timer hits the plunger and the stop watch at the same time.  The Colorado time starts when the Starter begins the race, and ends when the plunger sees the swimmer touch the wall. The Colorado console needs to be reset, and results sent to the meet management system.  Race numbers also need to be recorded.

    MARSHALS: Parents or Captains will gather the swimmers for upcoming events, and line them up in lane order so they are ready to swim.

    VOLUNTEER CHECK IN: Check in volunteers at Lake Entrance.  At away meets, the volunteer will be near the team bulletin board to check volunteers in.

    PRIZE & RIBBON DISTRIBUTER - Distributes ribbons and prizes for lane heat winners.

    CONSESSION STAND - 2 people need to sell packaged snacks and water/drinks after the lake snack stand has closed, for home meets

    OFFICIALS: 3 - 5 Needed for each meet

    STARTER: ONE (1) at home meets

    Special Events Volunteers -  2 Parties during the year, we will set up, clean up and serving help.  

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