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Wayne Waves Swim Team 2022

Who are the Wayne Waves?

The Wayne Waves Swim Team is the official swim team for the Township of Wayne. We compete in two leagues, the Ramapo Hills Swim Conference and the Lakeland Swim Conference. The team is led by Coach Spencer Johnston. Wayne Waves is open to any Wayne swimmers between the ages of 6 and 18. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 meters (1 lap) of freestyle without stopping. The Wayne Waves Swim Team is a wonderful opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of competitive swimming.

What time commitments are required?

The Wayne Waves Swim Team runs from the end of June to early August. Practices begin after school towards the end of June; once school ends, practices take place mornings three times per week. Meets are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from the end of June through the beginning of August. Meets normally last about two hours, and take place either at the home lake (Toms Lake) or at the opposing team’s lake. Practice is required in order to be eligible to swim in the meets. Practice sessions are organized based on ability, and assignment will be determined based on the skill level of the swimmer. In addition to the dual meets held during the week, swimmers will have the option of entering Lakeland Swim Conference Invitational Meets held throughout the season on Saturday mornings. These meets are a lot of fun, as they are attended by swimmers from across the league. There is a nominal fee for participation in these meets ($2-$3 per event), but again, participation in these meets is completely optional.

What will be required of parents?
First and foremost, the Wayne Waves Swim Team is intended to foster the development of competitive swimmers. Therefore, good sportsmanship will be required from both swimmers and parents. Swimmers will be expected to attend practices and meets, and parents will help to ensure swimmers are able to do so. Each family is required to provide volunteer service at meets, whether it be a parent, guardian, older sibling, aunt, uncle, family friend, etc. There is absolutely no way that the swim team can function without the support of the families, and it is therefore required that all families help out. If your swimmer attends an invitational, you will be needed to help out there as well.

Is the swim team right for my child?
Once again, it is important to stress that the swim team requires no previous team experience, however, the ability to be able to 25/50 meters of any stroke, (depending on age group) is required. The coaches will work with the swimmers to develop endurance, confidence, and racing skills. The Wayne Waves Swim Team is a fun opportunity to learn and develop swimming skills. The swim team is a great way for children to meet others who share an interest in swimming and bond with their teammates - many lasting friendships have developed as a result of participation in the Wayne Waves Swim Team program!

Okay…what’s next?
To join the Wayne Waves Swim Team, all swimmers are required to register at the Parks and Recreation department in Town Hall. Parents are also required to join the parent organization, the Friends of the Wayne Swim Team (FOWST) and pay dues at the time of registration with the town. After-school practices will begin towards the end of June at the Toms Lake swim lanes. Open practice for all swimmers will be from 4:00-5:30. While attendance at after-school practices is not mandatory, it is suggested that you try to attend as many as possible as the first meet will be scheduled very shortly after the school year ends. Please keep this in mind, and make sure you notify the coach in advance whether or not your swimmer will be attending. As it is an official meet, everyone’s participation is needed at the first meet, even if it will be the swimmers first time competing. Meet and practice schedules will be posted on waynewaves.org.

Season Rules and Requirements

The Wayne Waves Swim Team is meant to foster the development of competitive swimmers. Therefore, good sportsmanship will be required from both swimmers and parents.

Swimmers will be expected to attend practices and meets. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO MISS A MEET, THE COACHES NEED TO BE INFORMED AT LEST ONE DAY BEFORE THE MISSED MEET. IF A SWIMMER MISSES A MEET AND NO COMMUNICATION WAS MADE TO THE COACHES, THE SWIMMER WILL NOT BE SWIMMING IN THE FOLLOWING MEET. These meets take a long time to put together to ensure every swimmer will participate. Not letting us know ahead of time can cause a relay to be canceled, which impacts the team and the other swimmers in the relay.

Each family is required to volunteer at every meet your child is participating in. We will have sign-up information for families to sign up once we finish the registration process.

We are looking forward to another successful season filled with great times, friendships and fun! Communication and positive involvement will make this a great summer for all!

Coaches contact information: [email protected]

Team website: [email protected] or https://www.waynetownship.com/waves-swim-team.html

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